Comfy is great!

choose Sport Patrick, for ski boots that fit perfectly


Comfort and safety with tailor-made ski boots

With our boot-fitting technologies, nothing will stand in the way of comfortable skiing. All the ins and outs of your foot will be taken into account – perfectly fitting ski boots will enormously improve your athletic ability. Because only if the power transfer is implemented exactly, can performance, endurance and riding safety be increased.

We’ll be happy to advise you and ensure the skilled adaptation of the shoe to your foot. Proper ski boots are an important investment for years to come, and only a perfect fit can guarantee ultimate riding pleasure on the slopes.

Exact measurement of the foot

The 3D scanner by Boot-doc measures the foot, any possible ganglion or deformations. The images of the shoe and the foot are superimposed. It is immediately apparent if the shoe and foot match. The system then proposes a brand. In many cases, it turns out to be the one that does indeed fit the best.

Ski boots should fit snugly

Generally, it is better to buy a smaller size than a bigger one. The shoe must be “snug”, the toes should be lined up. With bent knees or crouching, the foot slips back anyway. If the buckles are closed, the foot contracts and becomes smaller, which is important to consider.

Stockings and insoles

If the right ski boot model has been found, it is shaped, foamed or milled until it is perfect. For good blood circulation, it’s important to wear compression stockings.

Each ski boot leaves the factory with a neutral sole. If you wear these soles on the slopes, weight is distributed only on the toes and heel, and with a multiple of your own body weight. This strains the foot, pushes it forward, the toes are squashed, the shoe presses. A sports insole solves this problem. It is individually adapted to the foot and stabilises the foot. That means more power, more grip, more fun when skiing.