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the new dimension of running analysis

Running analysis

Sport Patrick has invested in the latest technology to help you create the perfect shoe. While others only document the behaviour of the Achilles heel on the treadmill with a camera, Sport Patrick conducts analysis using an innovative pressure plate, the rolling behaviour of the entire foot and uses this to determine the foot type.

Analysis of the entire foot makes it easier to find the optimal shoe.
You first walk barefoot over the device, then with a model you have chosen. When comparing, it quickly becomes apparent if the shoe improves the printed image – that is, if the pressure is more evenly distributed. The result may also indicate that it is better to choose a different model or to additionally support the foot. If necessary, we can also adapt sport insoles.

When choosing running shoes, it depends on whether you are mainly running on the road, on gravel or off-road. And after 1000 kilometres, the shoe should be replaced by a new one. But at the latest when it comes to complaints – because that can be an indication that it no longer lessens the impact when running properly, or that it is unilaterally worn.

Which model will it be? Among the many cool “running shoes” and top brands, you will definitely find a model that fits like a glove and looks cool too.

For more about the analysis and how this device works, watch this video.


After buying the adapted running shoes, don’t forget supportive running socks and some breathable running clothes.
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