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Thanks to Sport Patrick ski and snowboard service

Ski & snowboard service at Sport Patrick in St. Johann in Tirol

The best material deserves perfect preparation

At Sport Patrick in St. Johann in Tirol we know what your skis and boards need. On the slopes, it is not only important that your body is fit, your equipment needs to work too, which is why we have invested in a new, fully automatic service machine for skis and snowboards.

The new service machine is operated by our specially trained employees and thanks to five different processing modules, three loading variants and three application levels, it can process equipment from universal to performance to race.

Bring us your skis or snowboard for a free inspection and we will advise you which ski or snowboard service your skis or snowboard needs.


Service overview & prices

How often do I have to have my skis or snowboard serviced?

That depends heavily on how often you are on the slopes and what skiing style you have. If you are on the slopes every day, you should have your skis and board serviced 1-3 times a month. In general, however, if you notice that the grip is decreasing, it’s best to come by and we’ll check whether your edges are still sharp enough.

If you are not on the slopes very often, we definitely recommend that you have your equipment serviced at the beginning of the season. As soon as you notice that you no longer have grip or that the ski or board is no longer running properly, simply bring it back.

Scratched ski base, what should I do?

Your skis got it really bad and you have a deep scratch in the base that even brakes you while driving. We repair your base and give it a perfect structure again, so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect ski day. Just bring us your “patient” and we will take care of it.

Rusty ski or snowboard edges, what to do?

Your edges have become rusty over the summer? This is usually due to the fact that the skis or board were stored when they were wet. We fix rust with our ski and snowboard services. Bring us your material and we’ll make your edges shine again.