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Customer card

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And so that you can enjoy your shopping with us even more, we make you a sporty offer: Get your INTERSPORT customer card now!
There are many benefits waiting for you. Because we think: Being a regular customer has to pay off.

NEW: Your INTERSPORT customer card is now also available as an app. With the INTERSPORT app, you always have your digital customer card with you and don’t miss any more benefits!
Of course, our customer card is completely free of charge for you and offers you many useful advantages.


Collect points with every purchase in one of the participating INTERSPORT shops in Austria and on intersport.at. Therefore, be sure to pull out the customer card at the checkout or be
logged in to the customer account when making a purchase on intersport.at/in the app so that the EXTRA POINTS can be automatically credited to you after the successful purchase.

Attention: For online purchases, the points will only be credited to your points account when the goods are shipped. If one or the other article has to be sent back,
we have to deduct the points you received for it. Sorry for that – but the fairness code applies among athletes.
Redeemed points will be credited back to your customer account for returns and cannot be paid out in cash.

You can easily see your current number of points via our INTERSPORT app or in your customer account at intersport.at – you can also inquire about your point balance directly in the shop.

Collect: 1.00 euro purchase value = 1 point. You will receive the points for your online purchases after the goods have been shipped. Returned products reduce your points account.
Cash-In: 100 points collected correspond to 1.00 euros, for example.

Get MULTIPLE or EXTRA POINTS on selected products or product groups! You get points from the first euro, regardless of your minimum turnover. Also on promotional goods and sale items!
The only exception is the purchase of gift vouchers. You can redeem your bonus points at any time with your purchase. They are valid for 24 months from the point credit. After this period, the bonus points expire on October 31st.

Here are some examples of possible MULTIPLE POINTS and EXTRA POINTS:
3-times points: 1.00 euro purchase value = 3 points
5-times points: 1.00 Euro purchase value = 5 points

1,000 extra points for purchases over EUR 500.00: 1,000 points + 500 points = 1,500 points
3,000 points extra from 1,500.00 euros purchase value: 3,000 points + 1,500 points = 4,500 points


Download the INTERSPORT app now and benefit again and again! With your app, you always have your digital customer card with you, you can see your points balance at a glance and you always have all the coupons to hand. Don’t miss out on any more benefits and download the INTERSPORT app right away!


Tell us your date of birth! Because we want to congratulate you on your special day with a surprise.


With the new INTERSPORT customer card, you can also receive a key fob when you register at the location. If lost, the finder can put the key in hand it in to an INTERSPORT shop or put it in the next mailbox. We will send the key immediately by post to the address that is stored in the customer data.


Loyal regular customers can be happy: Because they are rewarded with additional EXTRA POINTS at INTERSPORT!

Data protection and data processing

Information on the applicable data protection regulations and data processing by INTERSPORT can be found here.

Running analysis

We have the latest high-tech device for the best running Analysis.